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Home Painting

Painting a home can be an amusing and entertaining task if it is carried out by a professional team of workers. Working at reasonable prices and providing full consultation, our experts’ efforts can bring warmth and cosiness to your home, office, restaurant, shop and any other public or industrial building, interior or exterior wise. Using qualitative materials and modern techniques we can bring comfort to your house.

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Trusted Painters

Your free initial consultation is a great opportunity for us to understand your home and its painting needs. You will be meeting a project manager and our painting team leader who will scope out your home and show you paint swatches to help you decide the colour for your home. Your project manager will carry out a thorough inspection along with you after completion.

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Painting For New Builds

Painting for New Builds is actually quite different from re painting a home. It should look impeccable in order for you to realise the true potential of your home. When you build your home, you do it with careful planning keeping your preferences in mind. You make that house your home by adding or building all the little things that make the house unique to your family. Your paint job should not be any different.

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Office & Office Blocks

Painting the interior of an office is no different from painting an interior of a home. It has to be done by a professional who is skilled, has good knowledge of the types of paints and techniques. With exterior painting, every office building would need a permit as they usually are street facing. These permits are not hard to get as long as painting companies follow the health and safety regulations. Make sure you enlist a painting company that is in sync with current health and safety regulations (including permits)!

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A well painted and aesthetically pleasing retail shop can attract customers like bees to honey. Of course closing the sale is up to you in the end. However we can help you attract these customers by painting your retail shop to give you a ‘magazine worthy’ result.
Good Quality Paint and Workmanship may not come at a cheap price but you can be assured that it will always last you for a longer period of time. At Dolphin Painting Services we realise this and hence do not compromise on quality just so we can be price competitive.

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Roof Painting

It is important that your roof is well maintained at all times as it is the ultimate protection for your home. It guards and protects you from the elements of the earth while making sure that the inside of your home and walls are not damaged. Roofs that are not cleaned or painted properly can eventually develop cracks that cause leakage which ultimately damage the structure of your house. While cleaning your roof is important, having a good coat of paint can increase the longevity of your home exponentially.

  • Decramastic Tiled Roof
  • Metal Tiled Roof
  • Corrugated Iron Roof
  • Tray Roof (commercial)

Interior Painting

General wear and tear is inevitable in a home. If you need a small touch up, then you can contact practically any company to do it. However, painting the interior of your home is a big task which should not be done without putting considerable thought into it. Some companies will give you a competitive price but the quality of their workmanship and products might fall short.

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  • Debris and Dirt on Walls and Ceilings
  • Undercoat
  • Skirting Boards
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Exterior Painting


The Exterior of your home has to brave the harsh outdoor elements, making quality a top priority when it comes to exterior house painting. Professional Exterior House Painters understand that painting the exterior of your home has to be done with high-quality products and excellent workmanship to ensure longevity of the paint. At Dolphin Painting Services, we know all of this and hence put emphasis on Quality rather than price.

  • Choose the right time
  • Pre-Clean your roof
  • UV Protection

Picture Perfect Guarantee

Our Picture Perfect guarantee is our promise to you that we will give you a ‘magazine worthy’ result after we have finished painting your home. We value quality above price.

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